Курсы русского языка как иностранного

Russian as a foreign language

Русский язык - пятый по распространению во всем мире. Это один из шести международных языков и универсальное средство общение на всей территории бывшего СССР, а также в некоторых странах Восточной Европы. При этом русский – один из самых сложных в освоении языков!

CleverLand offers the courses of Russian as a foreign language for international students of all nationalities!

Today there is a wide range of educational materials which allow our teachers to provide you with the most interesting and effective courses.

We guarantee:

  • Courses available throughout the year
  • Modern methodology and effective learning
  • Certified teachers
  • Effective and flexible curriculum
  • Extensive elective options

Our courses:

  • General Russian Language Course
  • Special interest courses
  • Intensive Russian Courses

Available forms of education:

  • Individual Russian Language lessons
  • Russian Language lessons in small groups (3-6 people)
  • Corporate Russian Courses
  • On-line courses

Contact our office and our consultant will answer all of your questions. Or leave an application right now and we will call you back within one working day!

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